Cambodian Style Picnic in Kien Svay

Kien Svay is a popular picnic area for the natives around Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Kien Svay is located just 15km away from Phnom Penh.

Kien Svay Resort

Kien Svay Resort

We visited this place several times at weekends. We brought our simple packed lunch – homemade meat balls, rice, mangoes, jack fruit, some sauce and water as hygiene can be something of an issue around here.

Kien Svay Resort

Kien Svay Resort

In Kien Svay, at the picnic place by the lake, we rented a water shed on stilts, where we had our lunch. Afterwards, we stayed in the water shed for about an hour and enjoyed the fresh air. Then we rented a boat that took us around the lake. I enjoyed fishing on the boat while Alan helped rowing the boat, as the sheer amount of water lilies around us made it hard to move.

Fishing on the boat.

Kien Svay Resort

We also showed the place to one of Alan’s cousin when he visited us here in Phnom Penh in order to experience a bit of Cambodia’s countryside. But during this time, we didn’t have a picnic we only took a boat cruise around the resort for an hour.

Kien Svay Resort

Boat tour.

We had a great picnic on the water and a relaxing boat cruise around the resort area. I would say it was a wonderful weekend getaway.

Little Lilly Travel Tip:

  • The price of the boat is not fixed as it depends to the owner of the boat and to the costumer. As a rule, if you are a foreigner you would always get a higher price than locals. So, always try to bargain first before you take it.




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