Philippines: Caving in Crystal Cave in Bucas Grande Island

Last July, we had an island family escape at Bucas Grande Island in Socorro, Surigao del Norte, Philippines. To me, the most exciting part on this island escape was the caving activities.

Crystal Cave

Crystal Cave

One of the caves we explored was the Crystal Cave. It is an open-ended cave. It is called Crystal Cave because of the shining diamond like coated stalactites and stalagmites inside the cave. It has a very long path inside, little-known, and still remained mystical. Our tour guide brought us to the limit because as we went deeper into the cave the path became very difficult, we had to crawl and fitted ourselves into holes and narrow fissures before getting to what is called castle of crystals.

Crystal Cave


Crystal Cave

Crystal Cave

The guide gave one flashlight each before we went into the cave. Then we hiked up a moderately steep slope just to get to the entrance and once at the entrance, the cave itself gently slopes downwards. The first chamber of this cave was big and had a big pathway so it was not very difficult to explore and made the trek easy. It has a lot of very interesting formations, many of them milky white and really beautiful. Exploring this cave will surely give you a thrill and excitement. You will surely love and enjoy it.

On our way to the Crystal Cave

Crystal Cave

I like exploring the caves in the Philippines because they are left in their natural state and I don’t get a feeling of being in an amusement park.  I would say, it was a fabulous adventure and a special fun day shared among family members.

Inside the Crystal Cave

Be prepared to be amazed and discover what is right beneath your feet as you walk around the Crystal Cave.





6 thoughts on “Philippines: Caving in Crystal Cave in Bucas Grande Island

    • Yes it was a good fun! My son loved it. He was so curious to see what was inside the cave and he was fascinated looking at those beautiful crystals. Wow, I would love to see the crystal cave in Sequoia, California. It seems that there’s something in the cave that provokes one’s thirst for adventure.

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