Philippines: A Day at Villa Azarcon Mountain Resort

With its dripping and refreshing Cagpangi Falls canopied by thick foliage, swimming pools overlooking the gorgeous and well-groomed garden coupled with its friendly staff, Villa Azarcon Mountain Resort is beautiful!

Cagpangi Falls in Villa Azarcon Mountain Resort

Swimming pool in the middle of the jungle

So, before my sister-in-law left to work abroad, we spent a day at Villa Azarcon Mountain Resort simply to unwind, relax, swim, eat and enjoy each others company. We prepared our food at home, brought it there and had a good lunch while enjoying the great natural milieu. My son and my nephew really enjoyed themselves. All in all, we had a great time there and it was a wonderful get away from the heat and noise of the city.

Villa Azarcon Mountain Resort

Villa Azarcon Mountain Resort is owned and managed by Atty. Tony Azarcon. It is just about 30 minutes away from Tandag. It is situated in Barangay Cabangahan, Tago, Surigao del Sur, Philippines.

It is a good place for family as it offers great family ambiance. It has a nice playground where children can play and have fun. The peaceful environment is ideal for retreat, early yoga, Zumba, picnics, small meetings and even camping. The tranquility of the place encourages you to chill with a book, take a stroll or simply relax in the cottages.

Villa Azarcon Mountain Resort

Unlike other waterfalls in the Philippines, Cagpangi Falls in Villa Azarcon Mountain Resort is a seasonal waterfall, which means that during the rainy season it flows like a broken dam while during the dry season it dribbles like sweat. Even though it is small and the height is not impressive, but it is quiet and mesmerizes you with its ethereal beauty and graceful cascades.

Villa Azarcon Mountain Resort

I wouldn’t hesitate to encourage other families and travelers to consider this wonderful place in Surigao del Sur. Soon they will offer more fun activities such as zipline, sky walk and many more.

Villa Azarcon Mountain Resort

Because of its awe-inspiring power and great value for money, Villa Azarcon Mountain Resort is a place to celebrate nature and life.

Little Lilly travel Tip:

  • It offers air-conditioned cottages and a dorm-type accommodations.
  • It charges each visitor with a Php 25.00 ($0.50) entrance fee.
  • It has a small shop where you can buy drinks and order some food.

4 thoughts on “Philippines: A Day at Villa Azarcon Mountain Resort

    • Thank you, Rhonda. I’m glad to know that it reminded you of your good memories. Well, I don’t see my family very often, so every time I go back there for holidays, I make sure I spend quality time with my family, I considered it my ultimate luxury. 🙂

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