Off-the-beaten-path Adventure – Magkawas Falls in Lanuza, Surigao del Sur, Philippines

We are not only fond of visiting places which are famously known around the world, but we also believe that there’s nothing like better than to travel to a little-known destinations. It feels like we’re making a new discovery that no one else knows about.

Magkawas Falls

Since my family and I have always been fascinated and delighted about nature and its unfolding sceneries, we decided to go to Magkawas Falls. It is one of the many local gems of the province of Surigao del Sur and it is particularly located in the municipality of Lanuza. I went there with my family except mum as she was busy looking after her small shop.

Magkawas Falls


Magkawas Falls

From the National Highway, Magkawas Falls is enfolded about a 430 meter into a lush and green paradise full of interesting and delightful species of plants and animals. We hiked for about 10 minutes on a wet terrain and even though the field was not so rough yet, it was still beyond the bounds of possibility for any form of transportation to negotiate. We crossed the stream and walked under the vegetation that was quite thick. It was very inspiring as we felt like we were inside a cocoon. Plus, the gentle flow of the water and the wonderful sounds of the cascades coupled with the chirping of the birds and the whispering sound of the wind made us feel that we were once again in a paradise.

Magkawas Falls

When we went there, the weather was quite good and there was no other visitors at the time. The irresistible gushing of cascading water made all of us to take an exhilarating dip. All of us including my son enjoyed the clean, fresh and cold water which was coming from the heart of the jungle and downpour to its falls. The water was both cold and refreshing. Indeed, we had a good swim and had a very relaxing time. By enthusiastically experiencing Magkawas Falls, it relaxed and refreshed our minds, and lifted our imagination infinitely.

Magkawas Falls

We brought some food for our lunch as there was no restaurants or small shops there. We had lunch near the falls. We sat on the rocks while we were enjoying our lunch. The ambiance and the excellent view that Magkawas Falls created was just brilliant.

Little Lilly Travel Tip:

  • The road distance from Tandag City, the capital city of Surigao del Sur is approximately 28 km.
  • The surfing season in Lanuza is from November to March, during these months the big waves are in constant motion.
  • Other activities in Lanuza include: caving at several caves such as Carpamento Cave, Surfing, snorkelling at Lanuza Marine Park Sanctuary and many more.






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