Cambodia: Relaxing Otres Beach Oasis in Sihanoukville

Hello, summer! It’s time for beaches and watersports! If you’re traveling to Sihanoukville soon and looking for a beach to stay, don’t forget to check out Otres Beach.

Beautiful Otres Beach. <3

Beautiful Otres Beach. 🙂

Since April is the hottest season in Cambodia, and if you’re a beach bum, there’s nothing better to cool off than to take a dip in Sihanoukville’s beach strips basking in brilliant sunshine with clear calm waters.

I have been to Sokha Beach, Ochheuteal Beach, Independence Beach, Otres Beach, Serendipity Beach, and Victory Beach. If I were asked where I’d like to go back to the most, I would say Otres Beach. We discovered Otres Beach about 2 years ago and this is the beach we enjoyed the most.

Fancy sunbathing?

Fancy sunbathing?

Here are 10 reasons:

  1. Beautiful and quiet. It is more peaceful than other beaches in Sihanoukville. If you are not part of the party crowd but more the laid back type, then this beach is good for you.
  2. The water is clearer, cleaner, calmer and warmer. You can swim in the ocean without having to compete with boats coming and going.
  3. There are many sun loungers and hammocks on the beach, so you can have plenty of reading and napping.
  4. There are fewer sellers. Those vendors who are there would mostly leave you alone and not hassle you.
  5. Awesome sunsets.
Lovely one.

Lovely one.

  1. Great variety of pubs and restaurants.
  2. The beach is lengthy enough that finding your own patch of private white sand is not a challenge and it is easy to walk around.
  3. Good bungalows near the beach.
  4. It is easily accessible from the city center. Even though it is a little further out, it is well worth the trip.
  5. It offers an expanding range of activities such as windsurfing, sea kayaks, skim boards, jetski and many more.
Best Lasagna!

Best Lasagna!

I love purple. :-)

I love purple. 🙂

Have you been to Otres Beach? What is your favorite experience there?



4 thoughts on “Cambodia: Relaxing Otres Beach Oasis in Sihanoukville

    • Thank you, Judy! Yes, it is beautiful. In fact it is one of my favorite beaches here in Cambodia. Anyway, sorry for the late response, I was very busy at work for the last months and I thank you for continuously reading my blog. 🙂

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