Cambodia: A Great Day at Bokor Mountain

Traveling around the Bokor Mountain National Park in Kampot is great especially if you enjoy riding a motorbike. The Bokor Hill Station was established by the French in 1925, but it has since been abandoned twice during World War II and the Khmer Rouge era. Because of its ghostly ambiance, a Vietnamese horror movie called City of Ghosts by famous Matt Dillon was filmed there.

Beautiful Bokor.

Beautiful Bokor.

Indeed, for us, it was a beautiful ride with awesome nature as we explored the area by motorbike. Plus, it was so easy to go up the hill because they built wonderful, long, smooth sweeping curve tar roads. It took us about 4 hours to go around and see all the attractions.

Riding a motorbike made our entire trip worthwhile. 🙂

Here are the things you can see at the top of the mountain and some information I collected during our trip:

The Old Catholic church
It was built by the French in 1920’s. The architecture of the building is magnificent. I was told that the Vietnamese Forces was trying to get control of this area. When we went there, we couldn’t go into the church as it was being refurbished, but we had a great time exploring every nook and cranny. My favorite hill was the hill next to the old Catholic church because of the stunning view. If you wish to go there you can park on the side of the road and then walk up to the top.

The old Catholic Church - French influence

The old Catholic Church – French influence

An abandoned old casino
Originally, it was called Le Bokor Palace Hotel and Casino. It was also built by the French colonials in 1925 and it used to be a base for the Khmer Rouge. The view from the back of the building is great, especially if you go all the way up to the top of the building as you can see the clouds roll over the mountain. This place is great to walk around if you love nature and old buildings.

The old casino.

The old casino.

The new Lok Yeay Mao Monument
This huge monument was built in 2010 and it is about 29 meters tall. Lok Yeay Mao is considered by many Cambodians as a protector spirit of travelers. You can see the same monument at the Kep Beach where she is looking to the west and is waiting for her husband who did not return. You can’t miss this statue as you can see it on the way up.

Little Lilly and the gigantic Lok Yeay Mao Monument.

Little Lilly and the gigantic Lok Yeay Mao Monument.

The Popokvil Waterfall
When we were exploring the area, the waterfall was dry as it was summertime, so we couldn’t appreciate the real beauty of it. The best time to see the waterfall is during the rainy season, from May to October.

Wonderful view.

Thansur Bokor Hotel
It is a 5-star hotel and the only resort on top of the mountain.

The building at the background is Thansur Bokor Highland Resort.

Apparently, Bokor Mountain is becoming to be a famous and special recreation place in Kampot. If you are looking for natural beauty and a great ride in the country, this place is right for you.

Little Lilly Travel Tip:

  • Bring a light jacket because it is about 15 degrees cooler up the mountain than in Kampot.
  • Be careful when driving as it gets foggy during the day.
  • Ride a motorbike if you know or get someone else to ride if you can’t ride. Don’t take a car or bus.
  • Don’t worry about getting lost, as there are only 2 roads in and 2 roads out and a big loop in the middle that keeps taking you back to the new casino. Just take your time and enjoy exploring the place.
  • If you need a restroom, you can find it near the waterfall area.
  • If you run out of petrol, you can get some near the new monument area.

Have you been to Bokor Mountain? What did you like best about the mountain?


2 thoughts on “Cambodia: A Great Day at Bokor Mountain

  1. Loved your tour, little lilly. I can see why it would capture the interests of Hollywood. Too bad you didn’t get to see the waterfalls as I’m sure that would also be an awesome sight.

    In 1999, we went to Costa Rica during the “dry” season in December. Many beautiful sights. The roads were not paved in many areas which made traveling a little less comfortable. But they felt that paving the roads would affect the environment, the animals who lived there. Do you think the paved roads affected the wild life in Bokor Mountain?

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