Thailand: Lazying at Jomtien Beach in Pattaya

It had been a full 3 days on the beautiful Jomtien Beach in the southern part of Pattaya. We’d spent hours lounging in the shade of a large tree by the ocean, eating, drinking, talking business, reading a book, getting sun, and strolling around the city.

doing nothing and everything.

Jomtien Beach is located in the southern part of the bay area in Pattaya. There are bungalows, beach-side hotels, high-rise condominiums, shops, restaurants and bars there. It also offers water-sport activities such as jet ski, parasailing, hire a small sail boat, etc.

Jomtien Beach.


Getting some sunshine while enjoying the breeze the view. 🙂

During the weekends, Jomtien Beach becomes crowded as many tourists and locals flock there to escape the scorching heat in Bangkok. When we went there, I noticed that Jomtien Beach was by far quieter than Pattaya Beach. The beach is best for sunset walk and has good views for pictures; however, the water quality seems isn’t good and it’s not very clear when compared to other beaches that I have been to.

Beautiful sunset.

Apart from the fact that I grew up 5 meters away from the beach for about 21 years, I really love relaxing at the beach simply because I can read for pleasure while listening to the sound of the crashing waves that makes me fall asleep. I feel like the repetitive gentle bass beats truly dissipate stress and bring about a blissful state of calm. It certainly makes me more calm and relaxed and if I am relaxed I am happy. Overall, I would say that we had a wonderful and relaxing time at Jomtien Beach.

so quiet, I like. 🙂



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