Cambodia: Sunset Cocktail Dinner Cruise along Tonle Sap River in Phnom Penh

The sunset cocktail dinner cruise along Tonle Sap River aboard a private small boat is one of a real highlights of our time in Phnom Penh. Actually among the best experience I have had in Cambodia and I have tried quite a few times with family and friends. While cruising, we discovered Phnom Penh’s riverside from the Tonle Sap River and Mekong River confluent while enjoying good cocktails, French wines and delicious food overlooking the busy riverside by night.

Pretty sunset. 🙂

Pretty soon it’s going to be International Women’s Day. For those who would like to treat their woman, it could mean a quite stressful time trying to find unique date ideas you could do on this day. If you wish to take your woman out on International Women’s Day, ditch the restaurants and movie thing; not to mention every restaurant and bistro will be full with the celebration of such an occasion. Instead, go on a most romantic date in the city: the sunset cocktail dinner cruise along the Tonle Sap River aboard a private boat.

This is also a great idea to celebrate Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day since occasions like these are much commercialized nowadays. And yes, as time goes by, they become cliché.

February 14, 2015. 🙂

There are many various boats to choose from for a sunset tour on the Tonle Sap, but we hired a small private boat from the Butterfly Cruise. The boat was very nice, exclusive, peaceful and cozy with comfy seats, sofas, cushions.

Certainly, it was a lovely little tour down the river, very relaxing and romantic. I couldn’t even get over how romantic the whole thing was – the slowly cruising, the charming sunset, the darkness, the tranquility, the beautiful view of the lights, the chilly breeze, the gentle waves in the river plus being alone with your loved one. All these, made our cruise a magical experience.

I always love sunset.

When sissy Clareth visited us here last December 2014, we took her to a boat trip.


The Royal Palace at night.

Little Lilly travel tip:

  • You can hire a boat from Butterfly Cruise. Phone Number: +855 17 531 514
  • There are also various boats near the Titanic Restaurant on Sisowath Sway (Riverside), Phnom Penh where you can hire a boat.
  • You can also rent a boat and then you bring your own beverages and food.







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