Cambodia: Horseback Riding in Siem Reap

It was our 4th time to travel to Siem Reap and we planned to do a 1.5 hour horseback riding adventure with Happy Valley Ranch. In this ranch, all levels of riders are welcome, which means you can ride at your level; and you can choose how long you want to ride for.

Loved seeing Siem Reap on a horseback 🙂

This was so fun!

We went to the ranch at around 3.30pm. I was happy to arrive at a green and beautiful facility; moreover the horses were properly looked after. When everything was ready, we got to saddle up by around 4pm. Our horses were Diamond, a white horse and Star, a brown horse. They were well behaved throughout the journey. We were able to walk, trot, and canter. It seems that trotting is quite painful when you don’t know the technique. My butt just kept on slamming against the saddle, but eventually I learned to brace myself by using my thighs.

Happy Valley Ranch

Get out to the fields

Overall, we had the pleasure of going on a 1.5 hour trail ride with our excellent guide. We got a glimpse of the Cambodian countryside and their farmlands. We’d got the chance to watch the sunset and I did get some amazing photographs of the countryside.

Beautiful sunset

Through the fields

Little Lilly travel tip:

  • If you wish to do horseback riding in Siem Reap, book directly with Happy Valley Ranch.









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