Enjoying the laid-back town of Tandag, Philippines


Tandag is a magnetic little town

which pulls in travelers

who are looking to take things slowly.


Do not worry though if you’re the active sort

there’s plenty to keep you occupied in and around the town as well.

This year she spends 14 days

for holidays,


indulging in idleness some days

and out exploring on others.

One morning,

the sleepy sea seduces,

takes a morning walk along Mabua Beach,

has some beers

and listens to the different tunes of karaoke there.

Thank you to Dr Grace for taking this picture.

Once, she wants to try a new sport,

but time left in Tandag is too short.

Glad she managed to learn the basic

skim boarding is so fantastic.


The next day,

jogs along the boulevard

then head on to Jollibee

for breakfast and coffee.

Chillin’ with friends. – Photo by my friends Rodrigo Paganpan and Dr Grace Cacho de Jesus

When in Tandag,

spends great time with friends,

tries good coffee at VML,

has loads of fun with them.

Chums you’re the sweetest bunch of all.

Another beautiful day has come,

decides to go to the farm,

walks through the rice paddies,

and enjoys birds’ sweet melodies.


During her stay,

family and friends

pamper her with plenty of seafood,


grilled Gangis, kinilaw na Malasugi,

crabs, Tinola na Katambak, and a lot more.

Not to forget some Filipino foods too


like Roasted pig, dinogoan, ginataang langka

papaya pickles, laing (pangat) to name a few.


Many days have passed,

she realized she hasn’t done much,

visits Saint Pio’s Shrine in the morning,

hikes to Tandag Grotto in the afternoon

and spends the rest of the day

lazying at the beach.

Stays one more night,

and takes one more sunrise swim.

In Tandag it’s so easy

to laze through one day

and the next to sneakily begin.

She remembers all the activities

she said she would but didn’t do.

bicycle trip in the surrounding countryside

island trip in Mangcagangi island

camping at the beach

fishing and sunset watch at Lapaz bridge

enjoy the breathtaking Green Falls in Cagpangi

swim in the jungle at Villa Azarcon


climb in Danakit’s Cave

visit the sweetness of Laswitan Lagoon

spend a day trip in Magkawas Falls

chill in Cagwait Beach

With further reflection she recalls

she hasn’t done much at all.

It’s not her fault

the town’s easy rhythm

and quiet charms


lured her into its laze


looks like she will just have

to stay one more day.









7 thoughts on “Enjoying the laid-back town of Tandag, Philippines

  1. Lilly– I don’t know where to start here! There are so many awesome photos!! Inspire of saying you didn’t do much, it looks like you really saw so much! I think my favorites were the sunset pictures, really beautiful! and the ones of you on the farm– such brilliant shades of green! It looks like an amazing trip! How long were you there? Did you stay with family??? Such a beautiful post Lilly. Love it! xo

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