Lovin’ the mesmerizing colors of Surigao del Sur, Philippines

You might not have heard of Surigao del Sur but not for much longer. It is situated in the eastern coast of Mindanao that faces the Philippine Sea. It is blessed with magnificent and pristine natural wonders. Personally, I love its stunning and mesmerizing colors – my dream holiday get-away.

Enjoying the scenery 🙂

Tinuy-an Falls

Tinuy-an Falls

The Tinuy-an Falls in Burboanan, Bislig is known as the water flowing curtains of Surigao del Sur and it is dubbed as the Little Niagara Falls of the Philippines. My family and I enjoyed the falls by riding the bamboo raft, experiencing the one-of-a-kind waterfall back massage, and by climbing up a steep stairway up to the top to witness the magnificence of the falls. The panoramic view is breathtaking. I love this place – the natural charm is maintained, cool and the water is clean.

Enchanted River

Enchanted River

Our family’s experience with the Enchanted River in Hinatuan was great. I love the majestic and enchanting view with its emerald bluish water and I enjoyed the enchanting swim.

Britannia Group of Islands

The Naked Island in the Britania Group of Islands

The island hopping in Britania group of islands (a group of 24 islands and islets) was fun and exciting. The breathtaking views, the awesome white fine sand, the lovely sunny day, plus we almost had the islands to ourselves as we visited on a slow day – all these made a wonderful experience and was just so perfect for photographs! Definitely, one of the best island hopping adventures we’ve ever had.

Cagwait White Beach

Cagwait White Beach

Cagwait White Beach is a C-shaped long stretch white sand beach in the laid-back town of Cagwait. Some travelers named it as a Little Waikiki Beach of the Philippines. It was a beautiful sunny day when I went there and the water was crystal clear but I noticed that the sand was not that white, it was something like reddish brown and very fine. Indeed, it was such a relaxing day out.

Mabua Beach

Beautiful sunrise at Mabua Beach

The Mabua Beach in Tandag is a very special place to me because this is where I grew up and spent my childhood. Mabua Beach has fine black sand, clean and blue water, easy to walk around, and the gentle whisper of the wind will surely enthrall you. I love the environment there as it is lengthy enough to find your own space to be alone, read a book, laze throughout the day, sunbath, and just simply enjoy the beautiful nature.

Green Falls

Green Falls

The 30 minutes-drive from Tandag City to the Green Falls in Cagpangi, Tago was worth a trip. It is a 7-tiered falls, wide and deep especially in the center. The falls are fantastic and beautiful to see. Indeed, it was such a great day out with my family as we really felt at awe when we saw this wonderful creation!

Villa Azarcon Mountain Resort


Cagpangi Falls in Villa Azarcon Mountain Resort

Villa Azarcon Mountain Resort is a good place for family getaway. It has great ambiance, refreshing falls that are surrounded by green trees, swimming pools looking over a beautiful garden and offers some activities to do. I had a relaxing time there – read a book, took a nap, and strolled around the place.

Laswitan Lagoon

Laswitan Lagoon

The Laswitan Lagoon in Barangay Uba, Cortes is simply beautiful especially with the gushing of surfs of the pacific sea that vigorously fall into the incredible rock formation creating a waterfall-like effect. Even though it was not the best time when I went there in July as I could not see any belching of waves from the ocean but I was still fascinated with its beautiful ebony rock formations, enjoyed the tranquil breezy views and bewitched by its rich in nature – shrubs, ferns, trees while going along the unpaved winding roads. I was told that the best time to visit there is between October to February.

Lanuza Marine Park and Fish Sanctuary

Lanuza Marine Park and Fish Sanctuary

The Lanuza Marine Park and Fish Sanctuary is a protected area in Lanuza that hosts various aquatic species. It also serves as the spawning ground for fish within Lanuza Bay. We stayed there for a while before we went to Magkawas Falls. We really enjoyed collecting sea shells at the shore and of course the breeze and the breathtaking the views.

Magkawas Falls

Magkawas Falls

My family and I have always been captivated about nature and its unfolding scenery. To us, Magkawas Falls in Lanuza is certainly a place of relaxation and mind freshening. We enjoyed swimming there from the fresh and cold water flowing from the heart of the jungle. We were also fascinated by just cheerfully gazing the falls because it keeps our mind relaxed and it has a soothing quality of silence.

Blue Lagoon

The diving platform in Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon is an astonishing charm and a hidden paradise gem in Libtong, Cantillan. It’s so pristine. I love the place – the rock formations, the green trees, the blue skies, the clean water, and the variety of colorful species underwater. Certainly, we were thrilled to see the beauty of Blue Lagoon especially since we were the only visitors in this wonderland when we went there.

Have you explored the Province of Surigao del Sur? What did you like best in Surigao del Sur?




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