Tree Top Adventure at High Point Rope Park

Just in time before year 2016 ended, I checked an item on my bucket list – to conquer my fear of heights! I felt really proud of myself for having completed the full course and survived it! Certainly, this is one amazing adventure I will never forget.

The last zip line in High Point Rope Park

All is set, I’m ready.

High Point Rope Park

High Point Rope Park

While we were on holidays on Koh Rong Island, I decided to try for the first time the challenges at High Point Rope Park. At first, I was nervous while being instructed on what to do as I’m scared of heights. But the staff was great and helped me throughout the course so I became less nervous and more confident while completing all the stations. Thanks to our good guide who made my first experience an exhilarating one.

It looks easy but it was a lot of hard work for me.

My team

High Point Rope Park

High Point Rope Park

The full course has 21 unique stations that tested my balance and coordination – zip lines, suspension bridges, tightropes, flying surf, etc. It took us only an hour since we were only 3 in our group plus 2 guides. The course was impressive and I really enjoyed it. The obstacles were fun and challenging. At the top, before coming down the last zip line, there’s some picturesque views of the bay and the surrounding islands. While I was doing the challenges, I noticed that each level took me higher and higher in the tree tops in the jungle.

unmatched views of the bay

beautiful views of the surrounding islands from the tree top

High Point Rope Park

It is safe – the ropes, carbines, helmets and all safety bindings are in great condition and are certified by the international association of climbers of UIAA. The instructor makes sure you are doing it really safely.

safety equipment

Basic safety rules:

  • Always make sure that at least one safety carbines is attached to the red safety line at all times.
  • Do not remove your protective helmet.

High Point Rope Park

Little Lilly travel tip:

  • It’s really better to go in a small group so you can hear what the guide says, you can go around the course quite fast and there will be no waiting for others to complete the course.
  • Use insect repellent.
  • Wear comfortable clothes and proper shoes like sneakers.

Have you been to the High Point Rope Park? What did you like best there?


5 thoughts on “Tree Top Adventure at High Point Rope Park

  1. Oh gosh Lilly!! You are a lot braver than me!! What a beautiful place– and amazing views! And it sounds so extensive– fun to enjoy it through your beautiful pictures!! hugs friend!

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