Review: Luna D’Autunno Restaurant in Phnom Penh

For the finest of Italy in Phnom Penh, we always go to Luna D’Autunno Restaurant. It is one of our favorite restaurants in the city as it is a very soothing place and to us it is a little oasis from the bustle and hustle of the city.

We’ve been there several times (since 2011) and we’ve never been disappointed; hence, I decided to write a review.

Luna D’Autunno

Luna D’Autunno

We love its great romantic ambience – gorgeous fairy light lit spacious courtyard under large trees coupled with good music; friendly staff; and the polite and timely service.

@Luna D’Autunno

@Luna D’Autunno

It serves a really luscious food, all made with fresh ingredients and lots of cheese. We’ve always loved their good selection of wine, homemade pasta, and wood fired pizza.


yummy pizza!


Tuna Salad

wood fired oven

Furthermore, the desserts especially the Trio of Creme Brulee, made our evening more special. It’s of outstanding quality and just so delicious.

Trio of Créme Brûlée

We also enjoy their complimentary eggplant antipasto and bread.

eggplant antipasto

fresh bread


Certainly, we will happily be returning there again since we are happy about the place and we always had relaxed and romantic evenings every time we went there.

Have you been to Luna D’Autunno? What did you like best there?




5 thoughts on “Review: Luna D’Autunno Restaurant in Phnom Penh

  1. What a lovely meal in a beautiful place! It all looks so good– how do you decide what to eat?? And also, Lilly– did you sister-in-law arrive from Paris?? Hope you had a sweet time together! xox

    • Hi Rhonda! Thanks for your comment. It was quite hard for her due to the hot weather and high humidity, but other than that, she enjoyed Cambodia and we had a great time together. xoxo.

      • Hi Lilly– part of experiencing a new place is the weather– even if it’s not what we’re used to!! I remember hot hot summers in Shanghai when our kids lived there! I’m sure she loved being with you all. hugs!

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