Philippines: The Enchanted River in Surigao del Sur

The Enchanted River is a must-see destination, a mystical wonder of beauty. It is one of the major tourist spots in the province of Surigao del Sur. It is also considered as one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in the Philippines. This truly magnificent Enchanted River is a very short salt water river which flows into the ocean on the island of Mindanao more precisely in Barangay Talisay, of the municipality of Hinatuan.

Enchanted River

The Enchanted River is very tidy, so refreshing and ultimately crystal: a clear combination of different shades of blue and green which gives an astonishing eye popping color. It is so vibrant that looks photoshopped, but it is real. It was more heart-stopping and breathtaking when I saw it with my two naked eyes. This 50 feet deep river flows magically even without a source meandering like a snake in the grass. And, what makes it more enchanting is it has an impressive school of fish which are fed daily by the resort staff.

Enchanted River

We spent our weekend with my family in the river of enchantment which flows from a very deep pool approximately 50 feet deep or more. I loved it! We brought our own food such as lechon  paksiw, grilled fish, beef afritada, pancit, pork adobo, papaya pickles, rice, chocolate cake for our dessert and drinks such as red horse beer, rhum and Coca Cola. We had a great lunch by the river.

Enchanted River

Even though the travel to the Enchanted River was quite long on an unpaved bumpy road, when I saw the place I was stunned by the mysterious mesmerizing charm of the Enchanted River. As soon as we got off the car, my son Beboy and my nephew Euanne ran immediately to the amazingly enthralling Enchanted River and couldn’t wait to jump into the crystal turquoise blue water of the river. But, they were disappointed and really unhappy because my mum didn’t allow them to swim.

Enchanted River

Remarkably, at 12 noon, we heard a cheerful melodious bell ring which meant all visitors should stay out of the water because the staff was going to feed the flashing silver-scaled fish in the river. At the same time this signals the people to gather, especially those who wish to witness the feeding. The staff from the resort then played the soft recorded music to gather the dazzling fish in one particular area in the river and began feeding them enthusiastically by shrimps, fish, bread, etc.

Feeding time

We enjoyed swimming in the beautifully awe-inspiring cold river because the water made us relaxed. Indeed, I conquered my fears of deep waters and I loved swimming in a place as magical as this. Undeniably, my experience in the Enchanted River with my family was surreal and it was another memorable family weekend we had.

Enchanted River

How to get there:

If you wish to visit the enchanting Enchanted River, it can be reached by private vehicles, vans, public buses such as Bachelor Express either from Davao City or Butuan City. If you wish to take Bachelor Express, you take Davao-Bislig Route if you are from Davao City and Butuan-Bislig Route if you are from Butuan City. It is about 6 hours from Davao City and 4 hours from Butuan City.

Little Lilly travel tip:

  • There are available picnic cottages, life vests, and goggles for rent.
  • There’s also a boat for rent per hour for 5 people in a boat.
  • The place will close at 5 PM because many locals think that it is enchanted by spirits.
  • Be prepared for the huge crowd especially during the weekends since it is popular to tourists now.
  • The management implements a strict segregation of wastes. In other words, you cannot throw your garbage anywhere especially plastics.