Malaysia: Spending Christmas 2015 in Cameron Highlands

After several days of exploring Kuala Lumpur (KL), the capital of Malaysia, we wished for a short escape from the ultra-urban environment and very humid weather, so we thought that Cameron Highlands would be a perfect getaway destination to celebrate this year’s Christmas.

It’s truly eye-catching! 🙂

Tea plantations

Cameron Highlands is one of the wonders of Malaysia, the largest and famous highlands resort in the country. It is situated about 200 kilometers North of Kuala Lumpur. I have learned that the highlands are named after a British expedition leader, William Cameron who discovered the place in 1885. The British became interested in Cameron Highlands because of the perfect climate and many English colonists decided to settle there as it somewhat resembled the English climate. This is why you would notice that some hotels and other buildings have colonial characteristics when you go around the place.

Taken from the tower at Gunung Brinchang.

Since it is about 1500 meters above sea level, Cameron Highlands enjoy a colder temperature when compared to Kuala Lumpur. The temperature there is blissfully nice, about 25oC but sometimes below 20oC. The highlands are quite popular among tourists and locals alike to escape the heat and enjoy walking for hours in the cool climate.

@Gunung Brinchang. Yay! I’ve reached the highest point in Malaysia. It accessible by road and offers a beautiful scenery all the way up to the peak.

While the English were in the area, they found out that the soil was very suitable for cultivating tea. Hence, tea plantations have dominated the scenery through the years and Cameron Highlands has become the biggest tea region in Malaysia. Once you are in the area, your tour won’t be complete without a visit at the spectacular and breathtaking hilly scenery of Cameron valley tea plantations.

We stopped at the tea shop for some tea and cakes before heading off to the factory.

I just love flowers. 🙂

Lovely tea bushes.

Apart from the tea plantations, we also visited the tea plantations factory, Mossy Forest, Strawberry Farm, Butterfly Farm, had a snack at the tea shop overlooking the valley, and we reached the peak point of the highlands that is 2,032 meters above sea level. There are also other attractions such as Rafflesia tour, rose gardens, lavender gardens, a cactus and vegetable valley, a Chinese temple, and night market in the evenings at weekends.


The largest butterfly that I’ve ever seen.

First time to see a Pitcher plant. It’s a carnivorous plant.

We tried their famous Malaysian steamboat paired with a bottle of red wine for our Christmas Eve dinner. It was fun and delicious! 🙂

The Mossy Forest.


Cameron Highlands is truly a photogenic spot and truly a feast for the eyes! It was an awesome and very unforgettable experience. Certainly, we had a great Christmas time there.

Little Lilly travel tip:

  • If you wish to visit Cameron Highlands, be aware that it is a popular destination for both tourists and locals. So, it is better to go there during the normal days (not local holidays) otherwise you’ll be trapped in a 15 km long traffic jam.

Have you been to Cameron Highlands? What’s your best experience there?

Cambodia: Best Rooftop Bars in Phnom Penh

Rooftop cocktail is great! Plus we love good vantage points, somewhere high up with great commanding views, where we can get a visual grip on the place and celebrate. Also enjoy the open-air rooftop breeze as it adds to the wonderful feeling of the place.

great place. great view. great breeze.

Whenever, we wish to spend a relaxing and lazy late afternoon or evening, we head off to one of these rooftop bars to savor tasty drinks while enjoying the view and the breeze. I would say that relaxing in a rooftop bar is certainly a great place to unwind, relax and meet people.

Here’s my Top 3 Rooftop Cocktail Bars in Phnom Penh:

1.Tonle Sap Bar in Sokha Phnom Penh Hotel and Residence

For me, it is the best rooftop bar in Phnom Penh. It offers a breathtaking view of Tonle Sap River, 360° panoramic views of the city, tranquil greenery and spectacular sunset. Also, it is very breezy.

View from the Rooftop Bar in Sokha Phnom Penh Hotel.

Beautiful sunset from the Rooftop Bar in Sokha Phnom Penh Hotel.

The bar is huge. The place is nice with lots of green potted plants that create a tropical atmosphere. The staff is friendly. The service is good. There are many choices of drinks. And, the seating area is very comfortable and is available both outside and inside.

Another view from the Rooftop Bar in Sokha Phnom Penh Hotel.

2.Sky Bar in Le Moon

It is a modern and comfortable bar at the top of K-West Restaurant overlooking the riverfront, at the corner of streets 154 and Sisowath Quay, Riverside.

Overlooking Tonle Sap River and the riverside.

Personally, it is by far the best rooftop bar on the riverside area as it has class and amazing view. To the east, it offers a lovely view of the long Tonle Sap River. If you look down, you can see the riverside that looks orderly and neat while at street level it is chaotic and polluted. To the south, it offers lovely and colorful view of Wat Ounalom.

The building behind me is Wat Ounalom.

The city from above Le Moon Sky Bar.

I love the mood and the seating there. There are many natural plants around the place. I also like their soft music. The staff is friendly. It is very airy. There are many cozy chairs and sofas scattered over the roof where you can enjoy a drink. Free wifi. It is open from 5pm till 1am. No happy hours.

The Le Moon Sky Bar. 🙂

3.Eclipse Sky Bar

Eclipse Sky Bar is my favorite rooftop in the center of the city. It is the tallest rooftop bar in Phnom Penh. It’s a great place to get a different view of the skyline of Phnom Penh. We were there for a cocktail at sunset. The drink, the view, the atmosphere and the sunset were all fabulous! Within an hour or so, you’ll have a time to experience and admire the sunlit city, sunset and the city at night. In the evening, it also offers a nice escape from the heat and noise. A nice place for friends to relax at the end of a hot day and enjoy a view of the city. I love the ambiance there.

best for a sunset drink

it deserves a visit here again 🙂

It’s open-air and located on top of Phnom Penh Tower on Monivong Boulevard. It’s open from 5 PM until 2 AM. The price is in the high average. We had a great time there. If you wish to see a city view in one swoop, this restaurant bar is worth a visit.

love this beautiful sunset

What about you? What is your favorite rooftop bar in Phnom Penh?