France: Little Lilly Meets Paris (Part 1)

Since I was a child, I have dreamed of coming face to face with, and experience, the city of Paris, a place which has come to symbolize many things for many people such as romance, love, world famous buildings, variety of impressive monuments, wonderful language, parks, fashion, art, culture, cuisine, cold weather and many more. Paris is absolutely one of my favorite cities!


Behind me is the Grand Palais.

Indeed, my dream came true on the 1st of July 2011, the day we arrived in Paris. I was very excited because it was my first time.

One of the beautiful buildings in Paris

We went there on a chilly summer. While trotting around the city, I saw a flourishing golden blaze of stone as the sun went down and hit the beautiful buildings with its last rays. I also heard the shrill calls of the pigeons flying through the dimming sky. Isn’t it lovely? It seemed that I breathe something in the air that transformed this sweet and marvelous city into something else that will last an eternity in my memory. For me, I considered Paris as an enslaving elegant sophisticated city hidden behind spectacular anterior. It is beautiful and alive 24 hours a day.

The Seine River in Paris

As we got off the plane, a steward put a corsage and a native hat on me. With this, I felt very warm welcomed and happy.

at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris

Shortly, after we arrived at our hotel, my feet started to get itchy. So, we walked in some parts in Paris on a chilly night to see a bit of a place. There, I saw the sun shining brightly at thirty past nine in the evening.

The sun was shining brightly at 9.30PM.

I thought we already had a long list of things to see, nevertheless; when we were there, there was no ending to the list of things that we had to catch a glimpse of. I was also amazed by the number of tourists around the city maybe because the city has great things to offer to everybody.

Lovely flowers in the park.

If you wish to visit Paris, take it or leave it, just a sensible advice: Plan your trip according to the locations you wish to visit in order to maximize your time, there are so many wonderful places to see.



Cameron Highlands in Malaysia

Hi! I’m Alilie “Lilly”, a mother, wife, Science teacher, traveler, blogger, and a homemaker. I’m a petite young woman of many interests. Aside from traveling, I love cooking, baking, reading, photography, walking, dancing, and exploring new things. My favorite place is anywhere by the ocean and relaxing in the sun is heaven on earth. I developed a deep appreciation for nature, and an active lifestyle as I grew up in a gorgeous, picturesque town in the Philippines. Whatever role I find myself in, I am constantly evolving creatively.

My family and I have always led an adventurous life. I’ve traveled to a few countries with my loves and I hope to add a lot more to that list. I’ve been living in Cambodia since 2009, and I love living here because life is easy, people are friendly, and it’s filled with great opportunities.

My earliest memories of traveling and being in a bus was with my grandma when I was 5 years old and it has stuck with me since. I was 8 when I first joined the Girl Scout’s camping with my friends; at that time, I could only remember feeling elated for being independent so young, and for having some adventure. 🙂

I started Little Lilly Meets the World in 2013 to chronicle my travels with my family. While most of my posts are about the places we have been to, I also write about the dishes I love to cook. The first post was about my first trip in Paris as to me it was a childhood dream came true.  After a few months, I realized that I had readers, who started commenting on my posts and sending me emails about how my posts inspired them to travel more.

Eiffel Tower in Paris

Over time, I became more fascinated with cultures, travel, arts, nature, food, and cooking. And, my passion for cooking, baking, and traveling to new places has only grown stronger through the years. The world is so big and so beautiful, and I have only seen, and experienced a tiny part of it. To me, meeting the world does not only mean traveling but also learning and discovering other cultures and cuisines.

Mekong Delta in Vietnam

Yes, I finally got hooked into blogging not only because I wanted to make a story of my life but also to see how much I’ve changed and how much I’ve grown as I believe that every step is a memory.

To all of you, Welcome to Little Lilly Meets the World!


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