France: The Stunning Eiffel Tower in Paris

This amazing tall iron tower is a stunner; that’s why it is one of the most famous landmark on earth. If you ask anyone about the first thing that pops in their mind about Paris – I’m pretty sure the answer would be the Eiffel Tower.

WOW! 🙂

It was built in 1889. It was known as the tallest building at the time since the pyramids. It stands 320 meters high and weighs 10,000 tonnes. Also, this was the first building in the world completely made out of iron.

emblematic structure

Tourists have the opportunity to explore the tower. The first two levels can be accessed by stairs or by a lift, but the third level and the top part can only be accessed by lift. If you wish to climb up the tower, tickets are available at the booth which is located at the base of the tower or you can also buy it online to avoid the long queue.

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We visited the Eiffel Tower on one beautiful afternoon where we had a short picnic underneath it. We decided not to go up the tower, not because of the long queue but because I suffer from vertigo and I didn’t want to spoil the rest of my stay because of this. Instead, we had our snacks and some drinks while sitting on the grass and experiencing the beauty of this magnificently engineered structure.


As we moved to various places in Paris and viewed the Eiffel tower from the distance was just like seeing a superstar from across the street. I am always delighted to see this well known structure which is 318 times taller than me. I would say that this majestic and climbable 124 year old structure lived up to and beyond my expectations.

so magnificent

How many huge buildings have you been owed by?